Manpower (1941)

I saw this film a decade or more years ago at a Toronto Film Society festival weekend.  A goal had been to see all of Miss Dietrich’s films and so, before DVDs, I was excited that we were able to find and borrow this film in 16mm.  Before watching it the other night, I could still remember the gist of the story, how I felt about the characters, but believed it had been long enough that I could revisit.

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Capitolfest in Rome, New York

Flying Ace (3)  Border Legion (1)  Air Mail (2)  Talk of Hollywood (2)  Shopworn Angel (1)  Million Dollar Ransom (5)  Love Me Tonight (5)Devil's Holiday (5)  Crooked Streets (2)  Skinner Steps Out (2)  Follow Thru (11)  Ramona (4)  SILENCE, US lobbycard, from left: Marjorie Rambeau, Clive Brook, 1931  Illusion (2)  Blue Jeans (3)  Under-Cover Man (5)   Oh Mary Be Careful (1)  Dixie Flyer (3)

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