Manpower (1941)

I saw this film a decade or more years ago at a Toronto Film Society festival weekend.  A goal had been to see all of Miss Dietrich’s films and so, before DVDs, I was excited that we were able to find and borrow this film in 16mm.  Before watching it the other night, I could still remember the gist of the story, how I felt about the characters, but believed it had been long enough that I could revisit.

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Toronto Film Society – Raiding the GEM Vaults, Rochester NY

Man, Woman and Sin (1)   Waterloo Bridge (1)   First Born (1)                          Seventh Cross (1)   Law and Order (1)   Whole Town's Talking (1)                    Cry of the Children (1)   Girl Without a Soul (1)   Daybreak (1)   Policeman (1)                                                                    Shoeshine (1)

To read about Toronto Film Society’s annual Raiding the Vaults at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, click on the Toronto Film Society tab above.  If you’re looking for Day 2, scroll down to August 1, 2016.