May Movie Magic Film Festival Weekend with Toronto Film Society

Toronto Film Society’s MAY MOVIE MAGIC weekend will take place from Friday, May 12th through Sunday, May 14th with its feature star being Mr. EDWARD G. ROBINSON!

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Blackmail (1929)

blackmail-15Last Sunday I went to the Revue Cinema in Toronto and saw the silent version of Hitchcock’s Blackmail.  It must have been so many years ago that I saw it—I think it was the talkie version of this film—that I had no memory of the story any longer .  This print, or rather digital copy, was remastered, pristine and beautiful.  After it was over, I couldn’t wait to get home and watch the film all over again, or at least what I believed was the talkie DVD that I own.  I was concerned, though, that the copy that I had would be a terrible print and lately I’ve been debating with myself if it’s worthwhile watching a print that’s awful versus not seeing it at all.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find that my print wasn’t bad at all.

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The Phantom Chariot (1921) and Burglars (1930)

phantom-chariot-10     burlgars-5

The Phantom Chariot (1920) and Burglars (1930)

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Ugetsu (1953) and Carnival of Souls (1962)

ugetsu-1     carnival-of-souls-1

Ugetsu (1953) and Carnival of Souls (1962)

Lately I’ve been choosing to watch my films based on what I’m reading and sometimes what I’m watching.  For instance, I watched the 1929 version of The Last of Mrs. Cheyney because I had just seen the 1937 remake, and, besides enjoying comparing two versions of films, I wanted to see if I agreed with the contemporary reviews.

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WNY Movie Expo 2016

banjo-1 bells-1 big-timer-1 boogie-man-will-get-you-1 criminal-lawyer-1 epic-that-never-was-1 lost-patrol-1 madame-racketeer-1 murder-at-3am-1 stand-and-deliver-1 unknown-1 valley-of-the-giants-1 violent-playground-1

September 8 to 11, 2016
I have recently returned from the very first Western New York Movie Expo and Memorabilia Show.  It was held in Buffalo, New York from September 8th to 11th, 2016.  It was organized by Alex Bartosh and certainly was memorable in many ways.

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Toronto Film Society – Raiding the GEM Vaults, Rochester NY

Man, Woman and Sin (1)   Waterloo Bridge (1)   First Born (1)                          Seventh Cross (1)   Law and Order (1)   Whole Town's Talking (1)                    Cry of the Children (1)   Girl Without a Soul (1)   Daybreak (1)   Policeman (1)                                                                    Shoeshine (1)

To read about Toronto Film Society’s annual Raiding the Vaults at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, click on the Toronto Film Society tab above.  If you’re looking for Day 2, scroll down to August 1, 2016.