WNY Movie Expo 2016

banjo-1 bells-1 big-timer-1 boogie-man-will-get-you-1 criminal-lawyer-1 epic-that-never-was-1 lost-patrol-1 madame-racketeer-1 murder-at-3am-1 stand-and-deliver-1 unknown-1 valley-of-the-giants-1 violent-playground-1

September 8 to 11, 2016
I have recently returned from the very first Western New York Movie Expo and Memorabilia Show.  It was held in Buffalo, New York from September 8th to 11th, 2016.  It was organized by Alex Bartosh and certainly was memorable in many ways.

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Toronto Film Society – Raiding the GEM Vaults, Rochester NY

Man, Woman and Sin (1)   Waterloo Bridge (1)   First Born (1)                          Seventh Cross (1)   Law and Order (1)   Whole Town's Talking (1)                    Cry of the Children (1)   Girl Without a Soul (1)   Daybreak (1)   Policeman (1)                                                                    Shoeshine (1)

To read about Toronto Film Society’s annual Raiding the Vaults at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, click on the Toronto Film Society tab above.  If you’re looking for Day 2, scroll down to August 1, 2016.

Cinevent 48 in Columbus, Ohio

Hotel Sahara (1)   Albert RN (1)   Crime Nobody Saw (1)   Melody Cruise (1)                  Hoose-Gow (1)   House of Rothschild (1)   Crowd (1)   Tomorrow at 10 (1)   Trip to Tilsit (1)   Every Night at Eight (1)              This Day and Age (1)   Isn't Life Wonderful (1)   Slightly Scarlet (1)   White Tiger (1)  Houdini (1)   His Picture In the Papers (1)   Law Beyond the Range (1)   Crazy House (1)   Fighting Eagle (1)               Monkey's Paw (1)   Saturday Night Kid (1)   Kid Boots (1)                  Parson of Paramint (1)   Tomboy (1)   King of Alcatraz (1)

To read about all four days of Cinevent, go to the Cinevent in Columbus, Ohio tab in the top menu.  I hope you enjoy!

Wake Up and Dream (1934)

Wake Up and Dream (3)

WAKE UP AND DREAM (1934), directed by Kurt Neumann, is an entertaining and interesting film produced and released just after the July 1st, 1934 Production Code amendment was put in place.  Russ Columbo was going to be a star but his fate was sealed and his life ended hours after the film’s premiere.  Read more about it by clicking on the Short Reviews 2016 tab in the menu section.