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I have been a member of Toronto Film Society (TFS) as well as off and on the Board of Directors for many, many years.  I had taken a hiatus for the past two years and at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June, I was voted back on.

The other night at the first board meeting following the AGM, I was voted into the position of President.  This is the first time I have taken on this title and am the first woman to ever have done so in its 69-year history.  I feel pretty proud of that fact and I endeavour to do my best in the role.

All the positions in this non-profit organization are volunteer and as some of you may know, it takes a lot of time and work to keep something that looks simple running.  Not only are there more outlets, including the very popular Turner Classic Movies, showing classic and vintage film, but there are happily more films being resurrected and restored digitally for public coveting.  In general less people are going out to see them on the big screen now that they are so readily available to view at home on our big-screen TVs.

But TFS still has a following and has adapted itself to utilizing the internet and public media to draw some attention to itself.  Although TFS doesn’t show rare films exclusively available on 35mm or 16mm, such as the ones that are shown at some wonderful festivals including the now defunct Cinefest in Syracuse, NY, Cinevent in Columbus, OH, Capitolfest in Rome, NY and Cinecon in Los Angeles, CA, we do attempt screening films that are not well-known classics.  The Carlton Cinema, where we screen our films in Toronto, no longer use projectors which limits TFS to use only DVDs and, luckily still, videos.

Trouble in Paradise (1932)

Trouble in Paradise (1932)

TFS’s upcoming Summer series is titled “Partners in Crime”.  It begins on July 11th and runs for the next seven Mondays excluding August 1st, Civics Day long weekend.  If you live in or near the Toronto area, or are even planning to visit here any Monday between July 11th and August 29th, check out the double bills here and come join us.  The full series (14 films) costs $90.00 or single admission for a double bill is $15.00.  You can pay at the door or order your membership pass online.

TFS holds two film festivals: one in May in Toronto and the other in August at the George Eastman Museum (GEM) in Rochester, New York.  If you have been to any of the others mentioned above, you will notice that the price for our film weekend is higher.  There is a reason for this.  We pay GEM the rate they charge us (and right now US dollars are at a premium for us Canadians) to rent their state-of-the-art Dryden Theatre, the projectionist to run their beautifully preserved 35mm films and Dr. Philip Carli to accompany the silents live.

Man, Woman and Sin

Here is the Screening Schedule for the upcoming July 31st and August 1st GEM weekend hosted by TFS:

Time Title Gauge Audio
9:00 am Opening Remarks
9:10 am Happy-Go-Luckies 35mm Silent
9:20 am Man, Woman, and Sin (1927) 35mm Silent
10:25 am Break
10:40 am Waterloo Bridge (1931) 35mm Sound
12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm The First Born (1928) 35mm Silent
3:10 pm Break
3:20 pm The Seventh Cross (1944) 35mm Sound
5:20 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Law and Order (1932) 35mm Sound
8:20 pm Break
8:35 pm The Whole Town’s Talking (1935) 35mm Sound
10:10 pm END OF DAY
9:00 am Cry of the Children (1912) 16mm Silent
9:30 am Uncle Bim’s Gift 35mm Silent
9:55am The Girl Without a Soul (1917) 35mm Silent
11:00 am Break
11:15 am Daybreak (1931) 35mm Sound
12:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm The Love Charm 35mm Silent
2:10 pm Keisatsukan [Policeman] (1933) 35mm Silent
4:00 pm Break
4:15 pm Sciuscia [Shoeshine] (1946) 35mm Sound
5:45 pm END OF DAY

If you would like to join TFS, and become a member, please click on the link here to take you to the Toronto Film Society’s website where you can register on-line.  The cost for the two-days is $165.00.  If you wish to only register for Sunday, July 31st, the cost is $100 and for Monday, August 1st, $75.00.

I hope to meet you there!  Caren

2 thoughts on “Toronto Film Society

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Caren!! This is fantastic news and wish everyone promoting classic movies in any way the best of luck. I’ll share this across social media too. Hope to see you at Capitolfest again this year. 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll get to visit Toronto.


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